Community Supported Yarn Shares – Reserve your now!

Wool and yarn is a very special harvest. Like a fine wine, it is season and time sensitive. Our soft and clean lamb clip only comes in once a year, making it very special, we will never get that clip again. The amount of yarn we get from it is limited, making lamb’s wool yarn in high demand.

We thought we would take a page from the market garden world and offer something different for those wanting to buy our yarn.

We are starting a Community Supported Yarn Share Program. This program is just like a Community Supported Agriculture Vegetable Box, with some woolie specific differences.

To learn more, or want to buy some of our yarn, check out our Wool page.


Fantastic Fleeces For Sale

At the end of August we had Gord our shearer in for another clip – the lamb clip. This is a pretty special shearing. Not only is the majority of it lamb’s wool, but it is also incredibly clean because the sheep have spent their days on pasture so none of that pesky hay has gotten into their fleeces.

This clip is proving to be superior in

  • softness
  • lack of vegetation
  • not greasy


Our wonderful sheep have produced some gorgeous fleeces with many different qualities form short and crimpy to long and wavy. Oh, and don’t forget those beautiful shetland influenced colours!!!

To see more of our fleeces go to our Raw Fleece page.


It’s Duck Season!

Our first batch of pastured duck has gone into the Provincially inspected processor and will be coming back tonight.

To get ducked, visit us tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Inglewood Market, Caledon, Ontario from 3-7, or buy it here, on our site. Delivery available within the GTA.


Finally, after months of waiting we have our spring wool clip in. This is very exciting as we get a chance to see what our wool really looks like. We are pleased to say, we are REALLY happy with it!

Amazing Icelandic Rug Yarn from Marley.
Amazing Icelandic Rug Yarn from Marley. For sale in our Etsy Store now!

Not only have we had some beautiful yarns made, but we will soon have some high quality felting batts and pre-felts available in a variety of colours.

We chooses our breeds very carefully for wool quality. Our combination of breeds are producing a soft, medium fine wool in a range of colours, many with a nice sheen, and of course white.

Amazing Icelandic Rug Yarn from Pepper.
Amazing Icelandic Rug Yarn from Pepper.For sale in our Etsy Store now!

In the coming weeks we will also have some beautiful locks for sale.

Beautifully soft finnsheep yarn from our finn girls.
Beautifully soft finnsheep yarn from our finn girls. For sale in our Etsy Store now!

We are also now offering a great eco-dye starter kit.

Eco-dye kit available. Check it out in our Etsy Store.
Eco-dye kit available. Check it out in our Etsy Store.

This kit is suitable for beginner and experienced dyers alike. These dyes let you mix your own dyes easily and safely. These are the dyes used in the Ontario College of Art’s textile program because they are the safest dyes around.


To see what else we have check out our Etsy Store!


Grass-fed lamb & local wool